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Above All Else
Compare our exceptional value for money, superior quality and proven performance.
All of our products are manufactured from the highest quality virgin materials using leading edge technology. The 100% UV stabilized materials we use are virtually indestructible, offer the highest impact resistance available, and are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions from 70 below zero to 150 degree Fahrenheit. They meet FEI, USEF and Equine Canada published specifications are maintenance-free with a lifetime warranty. Designed with safety and functionality in mind, they will not blow over in anything except the strongest winds unlike competitor arenas which require dangerous anchor stakes for stability in windy conditions.

Our Commitment to Quality
An important part of our design process is to exhaustively test our arenas in a competition environment before bringing them to market. This commitment to quality is what separates us in the market and gives our customers the piece of mind of knowing that the product they purchase will provide them with many years of trouble-free service. Our extensive product range and affordable pricing fits any budget, from basic training at home to the highest international level of competition. We encourage you to check out our competitors and visit
our useful “FAQ’s” page which you can use as a guide when comparison shopping.

Our History
As the world's leading manufacturer, many of our designs and features are copied by our competitors, do not be fooled, we are the original and the best! We have been in business for over 15 years and have a proven track record that our competitors can not come close to matching. Our products will hands down out perform and last longer than all competing products.

Your choice of arena is one you will have to live with for many years. We understand this and want nothing more than total customer satisfaction. Most of our products can be shipped worldwide within 48 hours of purchase or can be ordered through the leading equine product catalogues.

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Prestige Arena
Piaffe Arena
Blok Arena
Arena Master
Kur Arena
Athens Arena
Custom Arena


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