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Blok Arena

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Popular demand and unprecedented requests make the original Blok Arena™ an all time favourite. Portable and easy to assemble, using freestanding pedestals that stack for easy storage and transport. Maintenance-free construction that is UV protected and never has to be painted. Extremely durable 6” x 2” ribbed rails set this arena apart in a league of its own and offers exceptional value for money.

Substantial rails neatly rest “out-of-sight” inside each Blok™. Our rail ends are hidden making our Blok Arena™ the most stable arena in the world, no awkward anchoring system is required. The rails are offset close to the inside of the riding surface to offer extra support for both rider and horse this is a design feature we originated 14 years ago. Set-up is guaranteed to be very fast and user-friendly with our pre-measured rails you simply put the rails in place and go.

Safety of horse and rider is our top concern our innovative proprietary design ensures there are no dangerous exposed rail ends. The top of our Bloks™ are wide and solid, this feature stops unsightly dirt and sand from becoming trapped to give the Blok Arena™ a clean attractive appearance.

Outstanding functionality and proven performance make our Blok Arena™ a World Leader, do not be fooled by “cheap” imitations of our original unique design, there is only one Blok Arena™.

Selected as the arena of choice by many top-level international competitions such as:
The 2005 World Cup Las Vegas, 2004 Athens Olympics, 2003 Pan AM Games, 1996 Atlanta Olympics, The Australian Equestrian Federation, The Barbados Equestrian Federation, Flordia Horse Park, Morven Park and Dressage @ Devon.

Technical Specifications:
13” top of Blok, 12” top of Rail
Rail length:
4 meters
Rail dimensions:
Substantial true 2” x 6” Ribbed
Top width:
6.5” square
Base width:
16.75” square
Set up time:
35 minutes
Wind tolerance:
Not required
Fully finished corners
Non-stick stackable sections for easy storage, transport and set-up
Supplied entry gate at “A” using our Quick-Set™ system
Suitable for all types of footing and conditions
Meets all FEI, USEF and Equine Canada published regulations
20m x 60m US$ 2,295.00
20m x 40m US$ 1,795.00
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