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Our Harrow Master™ track and ring conditioner is your complete solution to arena maintenance reducing the time you spend riding your tractor instead of your horse. It performs two jobs in one step saving you time and money. The chiseled harrow tines break up clumped and packed footing while the leveling blade, which follows behind the tines, spreads to create an ideal riding surface. The tines are fully adjustable to allow you to condition your footing to a depth that suits your needs without disturbing the base layer.
Winner of the most innovative new product at Spruce’s Meadows “The Master’s” Equi Fair and #1 rated by Horse Journal. The blade is adjustable in both pitch and angle to ensure a smooth and safe finished surface which will help prevent unnecessary injuries. The angle adjustment and compact design easily removes footing material from tight corners and the sides of your arena. This will save you hours of back-breaking hand raking. Fully adjustable in both directions for your convenience. The pitch of the blade is also variable for 90° vertical to 180° horizontal permitting you to control the amount of material being moved. To fill in low spots, a steeper angle is recommended, while less angle is preferable for general maintenance.

The standard 8' unit is suitable for tractors of 15-60 hp with class 1 three point hitches. The 6' pull-behind model can be towed behind small tractors, ATV’s, Gators or even cars/trucks and the 4' model works with your garden tractor.

Technical Specifications:
Easy To Use One Pass Operation
Adjustable Harrowing Height
Two-Way Adjustable Blade
Compact Design
Variety of Sizes to Select From
Suitable for any riding surface
Easy Shipping and Assembly
Powder Coated for Durability
HM8- 8' Three-point Unit US$ 1,249.00
HM6- 6' Three-point Unit US$ 1,200.00
HM4- 4' Three-point Unit US$ 1,100.00
HM8PB- 8' Pull Behind Unit US$ 1,649.00
HM6PB- 6' Pull Behind Unit US$ 1,549.00
HM4PB- 4' Pull Behind Unit US$ 1,475.00
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